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Yoshimoto Pole Co., Ltd.
Chairman Katsumi Yui,

Realize Big Contribution to Customer and Society with Compact Organization

Since the era of our company foundation, we Yoshimoto Pole push forwarded with our business under the slogan of “Sense of Unity & Frontier Spirit”.
Afterward of our 50th company anniversary of founding, our business goal will be providing condensed human group with professional skills, experience and service for our customer under the slogan of “Creation & Sense of Unity”.

Excellent Products for Creating Beautiful Japan

In 1989, we Yoshimoto Pole Company held up the administrative philosophy that “Excellent Products for Creating Beautiful Japan” and we are considering that providing excellent products and customer satisfied services will be greatest contribution to society.


Team Work First

Yoshimoto Pole Company Work Principle

  • Imaginative Work (Ideas)
  • Act Swiftly  (Speed)
  • Utilize Team Work in business (Team Work)

We Yoshimoto Pole Company implement more competitive service and strong management with our “Team Work” that collaborated by Production, Sales, Engineering and Administrative departments all together.

A life worth living in company

Most of people spend their time of life in company therefore we are promoting to create better environment for their life worth living.