Good products for creating a
disaster-resistant country
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Since our founding, we have been manufacturing and selling various outdoor pole products.
The predecessor Yoshimoto Forestry Co., Ltd. (founded in Minamisaku-gun Nagano) was a company that supplied railroad sleepers, pile logs, wooden poles, etc. About 120 years have passed if it includes the era.

Yoshimoto Pole was founded in 1961 as a concrete pole manufacturer. Later, steel poles were manufactured in response to the needs of the times, and today’s our product areas cover a wide range of social infrastructure such as electric power, railway, communication, lighting, sign, signal, and sports facilities.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you.

Representative Director and President
Haruhisa Ishihara

Good products for creating a
disaster-resistant country.
Contribute to the creation
of a safe, secure,
comfortable social infrastructure.
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Our Product Areas
Electric power

We manufacture various poles to provide the electric power needed for living.

Power Distribution Pole
Lead-in Pole, etc.

Railway and Tram

We manufacture various poles related to railway and tram.

Electrification Pole
Signal Pole, etc.


We manufacture various poles that considered design and safety to fit diverse light fixtures.

Street Lighting Pole
Area Lighting Pole
Sports and Studium Lighting Pole, etc.


We manufacture various poles to realize a safe and comfortable traffic environment.

Signal Pole
Detector Pole
Sign Pole
Information Board Pole
ETC Gantry, etc.


We manufacture various poles to support information networks such as security camera, mobile phone antenna, wireless LAN,disaster prevention.

Disaster Prevention Pole
Surveillance Camera Pole
Security Camera Pole
Mobile Phone Antenna Pole
Wi-Fi Antenna Pole, etc.

Sports Facilities

We manufacture various poles for people who enjoy sports safely and securely.

Ball-prevention Net Pole
Sports and Studium Lighting Pole, etc.

Products Using Natural Energy

We can manufacture not only poles but also various eco-friendly products assembled solar panel, LED lighting, lithium-ion batterie and so on.

Street Furniture

We also manufacture various street furniture other than poles.

Shelter, etc.

Production Bases
Yoshimoto Pole has factories in Gunma
prefecture and Shiga prefecture in Japan.
We work on high-quality manufacturing utilized the
technologies we have cultivated over many years.
Gunma Factory

Site area : 98,800 m²
Factory building : 30,350 m²

Shiga Factory

Site area : 23,500 m²
Factory building : 4,600 m²

Company Over View
Trade Name
Yoshimoto Pole Co., Ltd.
December 5, 1961
and President
Haruhisa Ishihara
300 million yen (JPY)
8.6 billion yen (April 2022-March 2023)
Number of
Non-consolidated 221
Consolidated 436
Manufacture and Sales of Steel Pole
Manufacture and Sales of Concrete Products
Construction Related to Pole
Head Office
Marunouchi Park Building 2-6-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-6919 JAPAN
Phone +81 3 3214 1551
Fax +81 3 3287 0796
Gunma Factory
508 Nakakurisu Fujioka-shi Gunma 375-0015 JAPAN
Phone +81 274 23 2311
Fax +81 274 24 0383
Shiga Factory
1570-1 Nishinowaki Eigenji Takanocho Higashiomi-shi Shiga 527-0212 JAPAN
Phone +81 748 27 1300
Fax +81 748 27 1365
Accounting Period
March 31
Special construction license:
Building, Civil engineering, Carpentry, Steel structure, Painting.
Ordinary construction license:
Scaffolding, Earthwork, Electrical work.
of ISO
Gunma Factory, Shiga Factory, First Sales Department
ISO9001:2015(Certificate JP98/015053)
Gunma Factory
ISO14001:2015(Certificate JP05/070015)


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